Sports Performance Program


The Decatur Central Sports Performance program is ran in a state of the art 2,000 plus square foot weight room equipped with sixteen full, adjoining racks. Each rack is equipped with Elite Form technology to provide accurate video and data recording in real time. For more information on Elite Form technology and velocity based training, visit Elite Form’s website at:

Rubber flooring encompasses the entire room with twelve platforms built into the ground to allow for maximum floor space usage.   Additionally, the weight room is equipped with 12 new power clean bars, 4 new sets of bumpers, four complete kettle bell sets, 2 complete sets of dumbbells, 2 sets of Dynamax medicine balls (4-25 lbs.) with storage rack, 9 physio balls complete with storage rack, 2 sets of Bosu Ball trainers complete with storage rack, 16 landmine stations, two sets of soft plyometric boxes, and much more.

DCHS offers an Advanced Physical Conditioning (APC) class year round for our athletes. All athletes are encouraged to enroll in APC. Before and after school opportunities exist for those athletes who are unable to enroll in APC due to scheduling issues.