Hawks Helping Hawks

“Hawks Helping Hawks”

Through the “Hawks Helping Hawks” initiative of community engagement and service learning, DC Athletics, students, and staff live our value of being a part of something bigger than ourselves. Together, we impact lives and change the world. To provide the greatest impact on our communities and the most meaningful experiences for our students, “Hawks Helping Hawks” focuses our service on three primary programs: Champions of Character, Healthy Hawks, and Hawks Giving Hope.

Champions of Character
“Champions of Character” is dedicated to supporting and improving childhood social, emotional, and academic development in our local community. Student-athletes will be assigned to Decatur Township elementary schools and Decatur Middle School and serve as mentors in and out of the school day. Mentoring is a proven strategy for positive youth development. Youth are more likely to succeed in life when they have the additional support of a caring, consistent mentor.  Our goal is to enhance our youth’s learning skills and help build resiliency and self-control. Youth with mentors are less likely to engage in risky behavior with drugs and alcohol, and are more likely to develop positive relationships with peers and adults, and to grow up to become productive members of society.

Healthy Hawks
Continuing with our partnership with Community Hospital and Decatur Township Food Services, “Healthy Hawks” is a program to encourage children to take part in physical activity and make healthy nutrition and behavior choices. Healthy Hawks also participates in drug and alcohol education/prevention programs. As a part of this program, student-athletes will also have the ability to serve as leaders in our Junior Hawk Club.

Hawks Giving Hope
There are two main priorities of the “Hawks Giving Hope” program. First, we provide “special experiences”, through our partnerships with the Special Olympics Indiana and Riley Children’s Hospital, to bring joy to those Hawk families who are in difficult times. Secondly, we support the specific causes and events like: MSD Community Dinner Program, Relay for Life, Riley Dance Marathon, Camp Riley, and other programs.

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