Multiple Teams · DC vs Plainfield Award Winners

O Line POW: Aaron Klawun

D Line POW: Marcus Shutters

O Skill POW: Bryce Jefferson

D Skills POW: Jason Allen

Bone Hit: Chris Brice

Hammer: Larry Tracy

Gate Keeper: Will Gibson

Solid Gold O Skill POW: Carlos Hamilton

Solid Gold O Line POW: Roy Lampkin

Solid Gold D Skill POW: Brandon Stacker

Solid Gold D Line POW: Isaac Lawrence

Long John Silver Catch of the Day: Tyrone Tracy

One Play Warrior: Will Gibson

SWARM: Dylan Renick

JUICE: Brandon Shurn

Lunch Pail: Cayden Lang

Captains for Greenwood: Demontai Franklin, Aaron Klawun, Dylan Renick, Brandon Shurn