Multiple Teams · Help Decatur Central Wrestlers Achieve Their Dreams (Part 2)

Decatur Central Community,

The Decatur Central Elite Wrestling program has some exciting news to announce:

The DecaturCentral Elite Wrestling Team has been accepted in four tournaments across the State of Indiana during the months of May and June.  This is a great opportunity for our wrestlers to be exposed to a high level of wrestling during the summer months.

With the opportunities the wrestlers have there is cost. We are asking people to help by sponsoring us. We have four levels of sponsorship. The first sponsorship level is Wrestler Sponsor at $20. The second level is Weight Class Sponsor at $50. The third level is Team Sponsor at $100. The fourth level is Elite Sponsor at $250. Each level of sponsorship has different benefits associated with it. If you would like more information about the opportunity to help us, please visit

Or contact our DC Elite coaches at:

 The goal of the DCElite program is to expose wrestlers to as many different wrestling opportunities as possible through participating in tournaments and clinics.  We want the wrestlers to learn what it takes to get their wrestling to the next level and what it takes to become a college wrestler.

Please won’t you help by sponsoring the Decatur Central Elite Wrestling team?